The new single only proves that they're more than capable of producing a record that could stand up against some of the biggest names in their genre right now. Music Outline
A tower of sky-scraping guitars and electronics that scream out to be played loud. It's a big, big song that deserves to be heard. Alternative Tracks
Showing real promise so far in their brief career, Inverness band Silver Coast play emotive, atmospheric rock, with chiming guitars and soaring vocals that could one day fill stadia. Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Scotland)
As usual with the current crop of Scottish talent, the standard of the music is extremely high. Uplifting and beautifully put together, Learn can only further the reputation Silver Coast continue to build. Louder Than War
With Dreamers, you're not only treated to colossal guitar riffs, but intricate progressions which wouldn't sound out of place in an Interpol track. A comparison to Daniel Kessler isn't an easy one for me to make, but with the alchemically powerful single Silvercoast cooked up, no amount of praise would be high enough. Amelia Vandergast (A&R Factory)
They deliver powerful and emotional rock music without straying into the mawkish emo territory so favoured by all too many bands these days! Toby Stainton (Inverness Gigs)